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COMPANY membership

At Wagga Wagga Christian College we affirm the role of parents in educating their children as a God-given mandate.

We are committed to a partnership between home, student & College to offer children the best opportunities to thrive during their school years and step out into the world with a greater understanding of who they are and how they can live their life to bring glory and honor to God.

All people matter - God created us to live and work in community. Research also shows there is much to be gained by all when family and friends come together to engage with the College and get involved:

  • Improved student academic achievement

  • Create a more positive attitude to school and study for children

  • Help parents and carers develop closer relationships with teachers

  • Allow you to get to know the children who will be your child’s classmates during their school life

  • Increase parent opportunities to share ideas with other parents

  • Potential to reduce family conflict

  • Build resources and increase opportunities for the benefit of all


There are three main levels of membership in the College Company open to the parents of the College based on opportunities to be involved and commitment to the Christian faith:

  • Community Member

  • Company Member

  • Board Member

Contact us about membership
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