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Agriculture at the College has developed rapidly over the past years and continues to grow, with classes from Years 7 to 12.

Students gain exposure to different experiences, including horticulture and working with poultry, sheep and cattle.

They learn to work collaboratively, problem solve, and understand the crucial role that agriculture plays within society.

Currently students have the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of agricultural subjects including:

  • Trial plots with cereal crops

  • Hoof and Hook

  • Feedlot lambs

  • Breeding Ewes

  • Layer pullets, day old, trials

  • Laying hens

  • Vegetable production

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"My motivation for teaching comes from wanting to encourage kids to embrace who they are and the opportunities that are before them, being blessed with their God given gifts. The agricultural program at WWCC encourages a passionate approach to a farming career with children’s appreciation of the broad diversity available to them for a career in agriculture. Being part of rural Australia is not only working on the land."

Mrs Belinda Everingham