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Recycled Paper


A Preschool to Year 12 school enables wonderful opportunities for the sharing of resources and specialty expertise across the staff and smooth transitions from Primary to Secondary School as well as opportunities for students to interact across the year grades.

The key transition points within our College, the transition for students from Preschool to Kindergarten (Big School) and from Primary School to Secondary School will be seamless. The children’s prior integration, meeting of new staff, familiarity of environment and the establishment of an unbroken chain of staff knowledge, ensures your child’s potential is nurtured and grown.

Our families give us positive feedback regarding consistency of teaching style and philosophy, and the ongoing opportunity for parent involvement.

Recycled Paper

“We chose the College because it is a Christian environment where staff and parents care and all our kids can progress together, from Kindergarten to Year 12.”

Parent Comment, Community Health Audit

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Senior classes regularly connect with the younger students in the College, sharing the knowledge they are learning, cementing it in their minds through teaching others.

A wonderful example of this a story submitted by Ratidzo, a Year 10 Photography Student, in the College weekly newsletter, The Chronicle, about teaching Junior students composition skills using a camera.

 by Ratidzo, a Year 10 Photography Student,

On Wednesday 28th August, Mrs Martinez’s Year 9/10 Photography and Digital Media class helped Miss Scriven and the students in 2S document flower arrangements and native flora around the College. This formed part of 2S’s student-led investigation in Geography and Science and Technology into natural environments and native flora.

The Year 2 students were led by Secondary School photographers to produce some visually engaging and beautiful images. All Year 2 students handled the SLR cameras, taking multiple photographs. The Secondary School students shared their knowledge on how to take a good photo and what to consider when producing well-balanced images.


Collaboration between Primary and Secondary School students provides fun and educational learning opportunities. It allows younger students to learn from older role models and allows the Senior students to refine their skills in photography and communication skills.

A picture containing flower, plant, colorful
A picture containing flower, plant, colorful

Sharing facilities from early years helps younger students in their transition to more senior years. Senior Art Teacher, Mrs Amanda Martinez, delights in inviting Primary School classes into the Year 8 art room for practical lessons. Another report from the weekly College Chronicle highlights this special time:

year 8 visual arts students fostering creativity
 by Mrs Amanda Martinez, Senior Art Teacher

Over the past few weeks, Year 8 Visual Arts students have been working with the younger students in our College to help foster creativity and collaboration between Primary and Secondary School students. Year 8 students not only visited our Preschool for a series of Art lessons, they also invited Year 2 students to visit the Art room where they offered some fun and educational learning opportunities. This was a great time where younger students could learn from older role models and it allowed the Secondary School students to really refine their skills in art-making and communication.

The meeting of different year groups in Art lessons is an annual event in which Year 8 visit Preschool & organise their own art activities for the younger students to enjoy. Year 8 were amazed at the interest and maturity of our Preschool students. Our Preschool aims to be a transitional learning environment, which is designed to equip our students to step well in to Kindergarten. Year 8 has experienced the fruits of this approach.

Thank you to all the staff involved and our amazing students for working so well togethe

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