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"Middle School is a time of young adolescents

finding out who they are and
becoming comfortable
with their own identity."

Mrs Alesha Alcorn, Head of Middle School 

Middle School




The Middle School program at Wagga Wagga Christian College has been designed to cater for the unique needs of students in Year 5 through to Year 8. It is a period of significant physical, spiritual, emotional and social change. The Middle School program is designed specifically to support students and families during this time.

Allowing the students to explore, apply and extend their skills and abilities with support helps to grow confidence in who they are.




As Head of Middle School, Alesha leads a team of teachers who have a unique energy in relating to and engaging with children in this wonderful age group.

The Middle School staff constantly seek to develop their understanding of what is beneficial for the whole student – educationally, spiritually, emotionally, physically – ensuring that the curriculum is responsive to the
ever-changing developmental needs of the young adolescents in their care.

Each student enjoys the stability of a core teacher complemented by the introduction of subject specific teachers who also teach into the Senior School.

Mrs Alesha Alcorn, Head of Middle School

"Healthy relationships that we build with students around the small things gives them the confidence to talk and trust us about the big things."

Our Middle School


The Middle School staff actively encourage students to make connections and to think about their own learning. Through this process the students are encouraged to take ownership of their learning and to challenge their own understanding.

For each child our aim is to provide a rigorous and engaging learning program within a supportive environment where students enjoy learning and are willing to take risks. This is achieved through a relevant and challenging curriculum that differentiates to meet the needs of the emerging adolescent.


Each class is led by a Core Teacher who directs learning in an integrated manner, bringing to life and giving relevance to the foundational teaching.

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Our Middle School

A sense of stability and security characterises the Middle School years with each student experiencing the constancy of a Core Teacher. Their role is to care for their welfare needs and maintain and develop close relationships with students, parents and the teachers. Students spend regular time with their Core Teacher exploring units of work that integrate the key learning areas and allow genuine authentic learning to occur. As students move through their four years in Middle School their reliance on the Core Teacher will lessen with the gradual introduction of a growing number of subject specific teachers. This structure ensures a smooth transition to the Senior years.

Our Middle School

supports, encourages and activates student growth

As students are challenged though the engaging learning program of Middle School, the opportunities of the curriculum are partnered with the scope to develop and expand individual giftings, growth of a leadership mindset and skills in a teacher supported, student-led team environment, and extension of learning through hands-on collaborative investigations.


"Students are developing independence but often need and will seek encouragement and support from the adults in their lives."

Mrs Alesha Alcorn, Head of Middle School

Opportunities to Excel

At the College students benefit from shared resources, facilities and speciality teachers from Preschool to Year 12. The consistency this provides in teaching and learning across speciality subject areas helps nurture a child's natural ability in areas that interest them.


As students progress through Middle School they will begin investigations into the agriculture industry through mandatory subjects. Those with a special interest in agriculture have the opportunity to increase their exposure through daily care of the Ag plot at break time, participation in the Auctioneering team and the College Cattle program. A close knit, family environment the Cattle Team meets daily to look after and train the steers, preparing them for showing. Younger students are encouraged by teachers and senior students alike to participate, work collaboratively and problem solve growing their understanding and skills of the agricultural industry.

"Middle School prepares students to confidently move into the next stage of education, being able to manage their time and studies in a balanced life."

Mrs Alesha Alcorn, Head of Middle School

“When you get something wrong the teachers help you work on it more and I love it, and I have learnt  so much here and I never want to move schools.”

College Health Audit 2020

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EASE OF Transition

Students in Middle School benefit from the seamless transition from Junior School to Year 5 and from Year 8 to Senior School.

The introduction of skills, such as timetable use, navigating the use of different learning environments across the College facilities, and the establishment of habits, such as independent study plans, result in students ready for the academic rigours of their senior schooling years. Each year builds on the previous and promotes growing independence while providing for strong pastoral care.