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100 Days Brighter

Term 3 2022

Glow sticks, colourful clothes, laughter, and dancing were part of Tuesday's celebrations of One Hundred Days Brighter.

Kindergarten was the place to be as they celebrated their 100th day at school. Students reflected on what they had learnt over the last 100 days and expressed the milestones in activities based around the number 100. There were counting activities (with dice), creative activities (making and decorating biscuits, sunglasses, and hats), building activities (towers of 100) and writing 100 words collaboratively.

Dr Jane Greenlees, Head of Primary School, recognises the leap forward that the students have made in just two terms. “The 100 Day milestone allows students, teachers, and families to consider how much the children have grown and learnt in what is such a small window of opportunity. This year the students have exceeded our expectations in their understanding of numeracy, literacy and wonder for learning. The College’s unique program of active learning together with clear instruction and the establishment of strong foundational concepts brings outstanding results.”

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