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2023 Riverina Da vinci Decathlon

7th June 2023

The 2023 Riverina da Vinci Decathlon was held on June 7th and the WWCC teams presented themselves with distinction! Final results were outstanding with the Year 6 achieving overall winner and Year 5 placing second. Both teams placed first in the Mathematics and English subjects on top of great results across all subject areas. "Mrs Alcorn and I were so incredibly proud of the positive attitude, perseverance and motivation demonstrated by the students. They committed themselves to self-directed additional study as well as engaging deeply in our training sessions and this was bourne out in their enjoyment of the day," explained Miss Brooke Scriven, Year 5 teacher.

Training started in lunchtimes, after school and on weekends back in Term 1 and the students were privileged to have external tutors from Xeros Piccolo Consulting Engineers (thank you Mr Jordan Gill) and Dr Lachlan Brown, Senior Lecturer English (Poetry) from CSU, as well as a number of teachers who gave of their time to coach the students in English, Mathematics, Science, Ideation (problem-solving challenge), Engineering, Creative Producers (drama), Art and Poetry, Code Breaking, Legacy and Cartography.

Competition across the day was intense, with schools coming from as far as Cowra and Moama, to take part in this team-based academic competition. The theme for the 2023 competition was Chaos and students undertook challenges that spoke to this theme. Importantly they had fun: "Our tablecloth turned into chaos, fitting for the day's theme!" said Clare, while Hamish was really proud of everything the teams achieved, "It was difficult but fun at the same time."

Update 27 June 2023

It was an exciting morning at Primary School Assembly on Monday as students were presented with medals and certificates as an acknowledgement of their outstanding achievement at the recent Riverina da Vinci Decathlon. It is a privilege to publicly present the winning Year 6 team and the runner up Year 5 team with their awards in front of their peer group and to hear from students about what they learnt and enjoyed from the process. Thank you to Miss Scriven and Mrs Alcorn and other supporters and mentors for guiding our students through preparation and the competition day. We look forward to the State Finals in Sydney!

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