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Recycled Paper

3t's weaving creation

Term 1 2023

If you had visited 3T this week you would have heard words like…… over, under, next colour, can you thread my needle, this is so relaxing, that looks good, who has the pink wool, this wool is so soft.

Yes, you guessed it, 3T were busy learning how to weave!

First, we had to construct our looms, making sure that we had an odd number of strings on our loom. Then we began weaving. We enjoyed choosing colours to make pretty patterns. Some children chose colours that depicted the Earth’s layers. While others chose contrasting colours or their favourite colours.

Student Reflections

"I liked changing the colours to make a rainbow. It was fun trying to go under the loom and you can be creative when choosing the colours." Maddie Wade

"I liked using the different colours and I loved helping my friends. I liked going under and over with the wool." Hugo Blair

"I enjoyed weaving because I was making the weave go up and up like a cake." Zakari Grant

"I loved going over and under and the weaving looked really cool at the end." Bella Leslaighter


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