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Stop Motion at 4H's assembly

Term 4 2022

Last Friday a parent assembly was hosted by the students of 4H. This was a great opportunity for the families to come along to see and cheer on the great achievements the students have made. 4H was also able to showcase all of the hard work they put into their stop-motion Bible story videos this term.

Technology projects are not just a means of students learning new skills but also offer opportunities for students to expand their knowledge of the Bible. As Mr Ben Harrison, Year 4 teacher said, "This project has enabled students to connect with Bible stories in a personal way."

Taliia, Abbi and Shilo looked at the story of Moses and the 10 commandments from the book of Exodus in the Old Testament. The girls main message from the story was the warning that we shouldn't disobey God. "The story ended with God forgiving the people for what they did wrong - worshipping another God." explained Taliia. To complete the stop motion video the girls first researched the story, made the props, did the filming and put it all together.

"The only way we could have got it done was to do it together." said Taliia.

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