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4x4 in Schools Technology Challenge

August 2020


The 4x4 in Schools Challenge is an international competition and our College has a senior team competing in the national finals at the end of October. In the competition we design and engineer a remote-control off-road vehicle and a trailer which we then negotiate on an “extreme” off road course. It is an extension and practical use of our regular class work.

“4x4 combines all the best bits of STEM and Design & Technology. I love being able to 3D print and design the vehicle components. Being able to create and produce your own products is a great opportunity, then being able to add them to your car to improve its performance around the track is amazing to see” Jye Hefern, Year 11, Head of Computer-aided Design and Manufacturing

The team has achieved significant funding and mentoring over the past month though supportive local businesses.

“Our team is so appreciative for the support; it is wonderful that in difficult times like COVID-19 local businesses are still wanting to sponsor opportunities for young people such as the Yindyamarra 4x4 team,” Amy Combs, Year 10, Team Manager and Head of Marketing

Would you like to find out more? Check out their webpage or stay connected through Facebook: Yindyamarra 4x4 In Schools; or Instagram: yindyamarra_4x4

By Amy Combs, Year 10, Team Manager


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