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A Great Responsibility

March 2022

Last week Year 9-10 Child Studies students were introduced to their Infant simulators. The simulators are used as a learning aid to teach early childhood, parenting, and to experience the life-changing reality of caring for an infant. The infant simulators are a new and resourceful addition to the College and will help to bring the subject alive!

Student Reflections

Emily Greenlees, Carer of Georgia

Last weekend my classmates and I got to experience what being a parent of a baby is really like. We used a baby simulator to give us the experience of being a ‘mum’. This involved early morning feeds at 1:30am, changing nappies while at youth group, and burping through church. Let’s just say it isn’t as easy as the mums make it look! It was a great learning experience but I must admit I was very pleased to return the baby to Mrs Deighton on Monday morning.

Sierra Nelson, Carer of River

My experience with River (baby simulator) was tiring. He woke up in the middle of the night and I lost valuable sleep time. Overall a very educational experience. But would not do it again. The baby was very fussy and needed a lot of attention. This was a real life experience.

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