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A Picnic Fit for a Bear

Week 10, Term 1, 2022

This week, Year 2 students were thrilled to invite their buddies from 5S to a Teddy Bear Picnic! Children brought in a teddy and their favourite book from home to share. They enjoyed sharing their stories and eating some delicious snacks. Although it was a rainy day, children were full of smiles, laughter and made some amazing memories.

As well as sharing a favourite book, 5S students wrote narratives as a sequel to Oliver Jeffers’ picture book, 'Stuck', for their buddies. They read their narratives to their buddies for feedback on how they could adjust and improve their writing. The 5S students were pleased that their buddies enjoyed their stories and laughed at the humour of their writing.

Year 5 students share their enjoyment of the day:

Louis – "I enjoyed having the tiny teddies and juice box with my buddy because it made the book sharing a special experience."

Mackenzie – "I enjoyed how playful my two buddies because we kept laughing at funny parts in the book we shared!"

Rachael – "I liked cuddling our teddies with our buddies and sharing books! My buddy wants me to read them my narrative again!"

Mia O – "I liked spending with my buddy because it’s nice to see our buddies as we’re in different parts of the school."

Tim – "I enjoyed seeing my buddy again and learning about his book – it looked really good!"

Clare – "I enjoyed eating the tiny teddies with our buddies as we read stories as it was a teddy bear picnic."

Tresor – "I enjoyed having time to read our books to the buddies and if they wanted, the buddies could read along."

Adelaide – "I liked reading my book to my buddies because it’s nice to read a new book to someone who does not know it yet!"

Zara – "I liked having conversations with my buddy about books and what they like to do."

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