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Big Ideas for OUr City!

16 May 2022

Today Year 9, 10 and 11 students had the opportunity to have their say regarding the future direction of our City. Wagga City Council Youth Development Officer, Ms Alexandra Osgood, led the students through a series of questions which allowed a percolating of ideas around services and events which would help engage our young demographic. Cashless public transport, Oasis Pool upgrade, and converting Baylis Street into a pedestrian only zone were some of the ideas raised.

“I really appreciated having the opportunity to share my thoughts and have a voice. I’m impressed that Council is willing to actively engage the youth of our City and that the interests of youth are being heard,” enthused Year 11 student, Noah.

Ms Osgood will be taking the ideas back to Council where they will become part of the future planning of our City and she encouraged students to take an active role and advocate for their interests in the forums in which they are active. Thank you Youth Of Wagga and City of Wagga Wagga

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