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Committee 4 Wagga - a leadership Opportunity

March 2022

Committee 4 Wagga School Leaders Program is a program designed to encourage and develop strong ambassadors for the of Wagga. Senior Students need to commit to completing and participating in six modules which help them identify their self, their city and their future. It is a rigorous program which rewards participants with a growth in self confidence and communication skills.

Module One - My Reflections

By Sarah Dutton, Year 11

The Leadership program students met up at the Wagga Civic precinct. Once everyone was there, the organisers paired us up with a person from a different school for the bus trip to a CSU meeting room. We were to interview our partner and learn more about them, we had to share two things we learnt about them later on with the whole group.

In the meeting room there was a seating plan so that we can try to talk with other students in the Student Leadership program not just stick with our school groups. We first discussed what we thought a leader is, coming up with ideas such as:

  • a leader is someone who is able to bring a team together

  • can see different perspectives

  • is a good problem solver

  • is a good decision maker

  • good at compensating and compromising

  • good communicator

  • respectful

  • aware of people’s strengths and weaknesses.

This session was followed by the official opening of the School Leaders Program. Many local leaders in the community attended (including political leaders Michael McCormack, Kaye Hull and Joe McGirr) and we interviewed some of them to find out what being a leader meant for them and how they overcame challenges that they were faced with in their leadership.

Prior to this day we completed a Clarity4D profile questionnaire which gave a rundown of our personality and helped us identify our strengths and things we could improve on. There were four main quadrants and you were given percentages of how much you were that quadrant.

The task they gave us to complete before Module 3 is to design a shield that represents us, our interests, family/cultural background and passions. We went back on the bus and that was the end of the day.

Module Two - An Excursion to Borambola

By Hayden Banton, Year 11

I was very grateful for the opportunity to go out to Borambola for the day on Tuesday. Arriving at the orientation I remember seeing everyone clinging to their friends and people they knew. At Borambola it was the complete opposite. We used our strengths to help accomplish 'Survivor' like challenges and focused on what it really means to be a leader and how there are different ways of leading. I can't wait to see even bigger changes in our confidence in future modules.

Read more about the day at the Committee 4 Wagga webpage.

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