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Creating a Bush Tucker Garden

Week 8, Term 3, 2022

After being awarded a Woolworths Land Care Grant Year 3 are aiming to establish a garden that will give students a hands-on experience learning about how Indigenous people used plants for their health, food and materials. Last week students were involved in research around these safe edible plants.

College Friend and Grandfather, Pastor Bob, visited 3T and was inspirational in his connection with the children. Not only did they learn about what type of plants we could plant in the bush tucker garden, but they also learnt lots about Indigenous culture. The children had so many questions and didn’t seem to mind that the lunch bell had gone. They were so interested and learnt so much from Pastor Bob who willingly shared his knowledge.

The children have also written a recount and have drawn and researched about some of the plants Pastor Bob suggested.

Class 3T heard stories from Pastor Bob, learning about wild foods and methods of hunting and gathering. As the class inspected their empty garden bed and considered what to plant, Pastor Bob introduced the children to his home made fertiliser. It had quite a smell to it (given away in the faces of the students!).

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