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Creative Juices Flowing in Industrial Tech

Term 4, 2023

The Year 12 Industrial Technology class are on the cusp of starting their major work for 2024. An inspiring day trip to Bungendore and Queanbeyan broadened their knowledge of both the artistic and the practical side of their projects.

Firstly students visited The Bungendore Woodworks to gain inspiration and learn a range of techniques, materials and process for their own major projects. The timber products on display were incredibly intricate and detailed works of art, with very expensive price tags and quality workmanship on display at every turn. All students gained a valuable insight into the diverse range of design styles and production methods, from hidden drawer mechanisms to hand carved inlays and bending timber in complex curves. Much inspiration was gained, and many notes and photos were taken, and we are sure to see some creative ideas adopted and expanded on by students in their own works.

Next it was off to Monaro Timber and Joinery in Queanbeyan where students met with Director Richard Hayward, to learn about the different timbers and manufactured timber products that were available for students to purchase for use in their projects. Students learned about the importance of selecting materials that were “easy to work with and highly machinable” as this helps to ease time pressures while also gaining a high-quality finish. They also learned about the importance of using larger section sizes of timber to ensure there is still adequate material once their timber has been straightened and machined. Richard walked students through their stockpiles of timber and students found this an excellent opportunity to see and select the exact timber pieces they would like to use; it can be problematic just ordering timber sight unseen due to the variation in grain, colour and texture in timber. Other joinery staff were very helpful in offering advice to students on the production techniques and material selections for their projects, which has seen a number of students make design modifications and additions to their major project plans.

Students then enjoyed a late lunch at the Belconnen Skatepark and Westfield Shopping Centre before heading home.

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