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CSU Vet lecturer comes to visit

Term 1 2023

Working with University lecturers in the sheep yards today was a wonderful learning experience for Years 9/10 Ag. Dr Lauren Said,

Lecturer in Ruminant Health and Production at CSU's Animal and Veterinary Science Faculty, was fantastic as she examined the College sheep flock with Year 9 & 10 students assisting all the way. Students were taking the temperature of the sheep, using the stethoscope to listen to hearts and lungs and learning what to look out for if a sheep is feeling unwell. "Sheep are on the lookout for predators and consequently they don't like to show any weakness but there are always small signs if they are feeling unwell like a slightly drooped head and ears." commented Dr Said. What a great opportunity for students to gain exposure to both the practice of veterinary science and farming knowhow.

Thank you Charles Sturt University Wagga Wagga

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