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CSU Vet STudents work with year 11

August 2022

Year 11 Agriculture students collaborated with CSU Veterinary students this week in the College yards. The Vet students led College students through an examination of the College steers, chickens and merinos, identifying any possible problems and conversing about feed, animal health, and observations that can be taken.

The visit was an encouragement to the College Ag students, offering them an opportunity to ask questions of the university students about the vet course and pathways into this challenging but rewarding career.

“Only a smattering of students in our year group have joined our year group straight from school,” one 4th year CSU student said, “Many have come through Ag Science or Vet Tech or through industry experience.” - confirmation that there is no single pathway towards what could be a student’s dream job.

Thank you Charles Sturt University Veterinary Science for taking the time to speak into our student’s learning.

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