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Defence Force Day

November 10 2023

Left, right, left right left - this call was echoing through the College as Years 5 to 8 participated in Defence Force Day. With each year group representing a different service, the student years were in competition with each other to win points and ultimately win the prized canteen at the end of the day. "It was a great day where the importance of our Defence community not only in the College but in Wagga and in the wider community was recognised," explained Mrs Bek Grant, Defence School Mentor. "Defence families are a large part of our College community and for their children today is a significant day of the year." Many senior students who participate in Army and Airforce cadets help lead groups through their paces and with the support of Australian Army Band Kapooka there was a sense of discipline and rhythm to the day. Congratulations to Year 6 for scraping through to win the day by just 10 points ahead of second-placed Year 7 and Year 8 (nothing separated them!).


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