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English Studies debate

Term 1 2023

To conclude Part 1 of their investigations in Achieving Through English (Mandatory module) Year 11 English Studies students participated in a class debate. The debate took place over two classes; with teams preparing their position on "As an employee you should only do the bare minimum at work. You should not be expected to 'go above and beyond' for your company." During our first debate class, students choose sides - with the Girls' team choosing Negative, and the Boys' team being allocated Affirmative. Both teams had 50 minutes to research and prepare their arguments. The next day, both teams presented their ideas in a formal debate format. Miss Touzel acted as our adjudicator, and in the end, the Girls' team presented a more convincing argument. It was a real pleasure to see all the students engage with the debate process and share their opinions respectfully and confidently in class.



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