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Extreme STEM Learning – National Competition Secondary School

November 2020


The 4×4 In Schools Technology Challenge is an international competition which takes in-class STEM learning to a whole new level. For the second year in a row Wagga Wagga Christian College is competing against teams from across the country this year to try and gain a podium place.

Yindyamarra 4 X 4 Team

Student teams not only design and construct an off-road vehicle, they had to incorporate remote controlled steering and use it to negotiate an ‘extreme’ 4×4 obstacle course. This combination of mechanics and electronics is similar to the challenges faced by professional Automotive Engineers. The program involves developing concepts and detailed CAD design through to manufacturing, assembly and testing. Whilst at the same time collaborating with industry, teamwork, project management, self-promotion and public speaking.

This has been like no other year as it has come with its unique challenges, but never-the-less, our community has been a great encouragement to our team with many businesses sponsoring our team or serving as mentors through the project.” Amy Combs Year 10 Design and Technology student. “This year is the second time that our school has competed in the competition. It has caught the imagination of some keen Design and Technology students, and it has allowed them to enjoy and grow in an area that they love. They have had great support from Brad Jones Racing; Todd Woodward one of the Chief Race Engineers there is a past student of the College and has spent many hours on Zoom conference calls with the team working through solutions to making the car more efficient in it’s design.” says Mr David Crick, Design and Technology teacher.

With the change in competition structure due to COVID-19, students have been restricted to handing in their work online, with no face to face competition possible. The final hand in was last Friday 13 November and the team are now anticipating the results.



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