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Henty Field Days

Term 3, 2022

Towards the end of last term, students from Year 9/10 Food Technology and Agriculture classes were given the opportunity to spend the day at the Henty Machinery Field Days. The Food Tech class had the opportunity to explore technology and procedures which are new on the market as a celebration of the end of their ‘Food Service and Catering’ unit. The Henty Field Day event showcases a large variety of new foods and food trucks and students actively explored some of the unique food truck offerings! From Greek food to American smoked barbeque to dumplings and chips on a stick, there was something new to try and report on.

Some of the students were surprised at the day: "I thought I wasn’t going to like Henty because I’m not really a fan of farm stuff but the day was really good." "Even though we got lost 1 thousand times I really enjoyed my time it’s a good memory that I will have forever."

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