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International Designer Recognition

Brittany Hefren, WWCC Graduate 2018


Brittany Hefren, Class of 2018 and Leader of the student leadership digital design group in her final year of school, has continued to grow and develop her passion for design since leaving school. Currently in her final year of a Bachelor of Creative Industries (Design and Visual Arts) at CSU, Brittany's work on the popular online shop Red Bubble was featured on the USA's Today Show as one solution to helping to lift your mood in these times of pandemic! Brittany began her Red Bubble business with her Year 11 Business Studies classmates for the $20 Boss Challenge in 2017.

Brittany had a long term vision for the business which has seen her grow a significant standing within the Red Bubble sticker market for over four years. Radiating positivity is something we all remember Brittany for and she is continuing to do that as she anticipates life after uni-working on exciting collaborative works that engage with the local community. Check out her work and the Today Show below!

Check out her work and the Today Show below!


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