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Kindergarten explores wetlands

Week 10 term 3, 2023

In relation to Kindergarten’s HSIE topic ‘Special Places’ and earlier Science topic ‘What’s Alive’, the students had an excursion to the Marrambidya Wetland, Wiradjuri at the end of last term. Before heading off on their adventure, they spent the morning participating in Aboriginal-inspired activities including dance, cooking, art and games. While they were at the wetlands, Kindergarten had a tour and learnt how the Aboriginal people were connected to the land and animals and why the land is a special place to them.

“I liked decorating the big rainbow snake. Me and Bradley made it really colourful!”

“My favourite part was when we were dancing and playing music at the wetlands”

"I liked singing the song. I played a didgeridoo and the girls played clapping sticks and we made a song and KP were dancing!"


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