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Managing Money & Mortgages

Term 1 2023

Budgeting, credit scores, managing income versus expenditure - Year 9 Commerce had the privilege of a couple of visits from Mr Nick Georgiou, Financial Counsellor at Small Business Debt Helpline, an enlightening and helpful time for these senior students. Nick helped them understand basic terminology and gave them directions and templates to work simple budgets, consider credit products and their strengths and weaknesses and ways forward when you find yourself in debt.

"I very much enjoyed talking to some of the senior kids about budgeting and managing money," said Nick, "After we finished going through the set program they had some great questions about how home loans work so I walked them through a loan amortisation schedule that certainly raised some eyebrows regarding the total interest paid over the life of that type of loan and how much can be saved when a borrower pays a little more on top of the monthly contracted payment."

The tough topics were made some what lighter by the presence of Louis, more at home with the Kindergarten children during reading groups, Nick's small companion made himself right at home in Year 9 Commerce!



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