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Medieval Day

13 September 2022

Hear ye hear ye!

Year 8 took a step back in time. Some were ladies, some were lords, and others were knights and peasants; as well as the odd monk to be seen. They all looked fantastic! It was the culmination of weeks of work as, in 'family' groups, they petitioned Lord Whineslaot (their teacher) for his land. Each family designed a castle, created a coat of arms, recalled a heroic event and persuaded the Lord with impressive promises of high taxation for their subjects and loyalty to the crown. They even experienced some peasant food and ate like the nobility.

It was great to see students getting into the spirit of the day and to see the effort put into the group project. A huge thank you to Mrs Emily Deighton and the Year 10 Food Technology students for preparing and serving a historically accurate and very delicious medieval feast! It was a day to remember.

Prime 7 got caught up in the spirit of the day.

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