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PRIMARY AND SECONDARY School Dives into Reading

22 August 2022

It’s Book Week 2022! And Middle School have dived right into a day packed full of activities around books. Book readings of Honour Books from the CBCA winners roll, and associated craft activities; getting their creative juices flowing with the reimagining of their favourite childhood story; dipping into different genres with speeding dating with books and choose your own adventure activities where groups of students developed wildly different story lines based on the same stimuli. It was a busy but delightful day celebrating the written word and story telling.

In Miss Brooke Scriven’s class students enjoyed a reading of ‘Heroes, Rebels and Innovators’ by Karen Wyld which documents seven real life stories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People from history. The reading was inspiration for the class to write their own Welcome to Country and then paint eucalyptus leaves in order to create a wreath around which to display their Welcome.

The ‘Walk of the Whales’ by Nick Bland was enjoyed by students in Mr Blake Cunningham’s class. A Honours Book of the Year in the CBCA 2022 Awards, Bland’s book starts as a classic story book and finishes with a strong message. “It was really thought provoking,” mused Evie, “At the end of the book the reader gets hit with the real reason why the whales have left the water.” “The book puts us in the whale’s shoes,” continued Violet, “it evokes action in the reader. We are invited to do something about the problem.”

For Year 7 students stepping back in time and reimagining their favourite story book was a challenge, "I am rewriting ‘The Green Sheep'” said Clarissa, “shortening it, keeping in my favourite bits.”

We look forward to the rest of Book Week, with a special highlight being Friday's Junior School (+ Year 12) Parade!

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