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Musica viva

Week 2 term 4

On Tuesday afternoon, Primary School was blessed by Musica Viva, an organisation that presents the best classical and chamber music from around the world. This organisation is passionate about sharing the gift of music, and one way they do that is through their Musica Viva In Schools Programs which inspire and educate students and teachers across Australia.

"I loved learning new Japanese words." - Rebekah

"I liked the name on their band and the spider-looking drum." - Charlie

"I loved the big drum because it was loud. Their music was so beautiful!" - Elizabeth

"I loved all the actions they taught us to go with their fun music." - Man Ring

"I really loved the performance! I liked the flute the best." - Inara

"It was remarkable how well they could play the drums! I loved It!" - Audrey

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