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Outstanding Results for Class of 2021

January 2022

Another year of outstanding HSC results at Wagga Christian College! What an achievement for the Class of 2021. Overjoyed with the news of achieving numerous Band 6s (over 90%) and Band 5s (over 80%) across a wide range of subjects, the students, their parents and teachers deserve our congratulations.

The key to student success in the senior years has been the establishment of a strong foundation of learning and discipline from which students grew a love for the subject, cradled in a close partnership between student, parent and teacher.

“The respectful relationship that grows between teachers and students in the senior years at the College establishes a trust that is central to students excelling at subjects which really engage them.” said Mr David Crick, Technology and Applied Studies Coordinator.

“The exceptional results in the 2021 HSC Design and Technology class were a result of students developing a belief in their own ability to achieve. The strategies that they learnt in the classroom had the added benefit of assisting them as they were faced with the uncertainty caused by the COVID crisis.”

The 2021 HSC results reflect Wagga Christian College’s strength across both academic and practical subject streams. Exceptional results in maths and science were balanced by the music students receiving Bands 5 and 6 almost exclusively, a pattern that is repeated in each graduating class at the Christian College.

"Our students consistently do well in Music because they love it," said Geoffrey Xeros, Director of Music. "The culture in the College is that music is fun and the students have the foundation of learning in specialised music programs from Year 2 upwards which allow them to confidently share their passion through performance."

Mr Phillip Wilson, Principal, is so thankful for the connections between families and the College, “I am so proud to lead a staff team who are committed to growing and extending students, connecting with and responding to parents and showing Christ’s love in action and words to the students."

“The Class of 2021 demonstrated a humility in their learning and relationships which underpinned their strong leadership of the student body over the last 12 months. The College will continue to pray for their growth and desire to serve others in our community.”

College Captain, Katelyn Armstrong, aces her final exam Food Technology with a Band 6.

Design and Technology major works focused on service earn Band 6 results.

Well done Joe, Isaac and Merridy.

A love for music results in almost exclusively Band 5 and 6 results for our talented musicians.

Dux of Class 2021, Jackson Tenhave, now has the ATAR he needs to pursue a career in Aeronautical Engineering - with Band 6s across Maths Extension 1, Extension 2 and Physics.

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