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past student, now Prac teacher!

Term 4 2022

The College is thrilled to welcome Kirsten Ingram as a 'Prac' teacher in the Senior School for four weeks of this term.

Kirsten attended the College as a student leaving in Year 10 only after moving to Gundagai.

"I really loved being a student here."

After finishing secondary school a stint as a home tutor in the remote Pilbara region of Western Australia was incentive enough to change from her chosen degree of Criminology to Education, with a special interest in Secondary teaching.

What was working in remote WA like?

It was a total culture shock, I finished the HSC, had one day off and hopped on a plane to WA, ending up on a station with the closest town two hours away. It was full of good experiences though. The station hands were from all over the world, backpackers on working visas who were experiencing Australian life.

How are you finding Prac teaching?

Really good! I am constantly learning and my days are full. I'm on information overload! I am privileged to be working with Paul (Mr Paul Wallace is HSIE Coordinator for Years 7-12) and he gives me great feedback. Each day Paul offers a 'Daily Tip', a focal point for an area I can improve or consider. Being up in front of a class is so very different to learning about teaching at university and for that reason, Prac Teaching is critical for learning how to be a teacher.

How is it being a teacher at a school where you were a student?

It is really nice to see the other side! I loved being a student here and it seems to be a really nice place to work. It feels like a supported community, which comes down to the Principal. As a student, I felt really supported here and it is lovely to see that same support is still there, even as a teacher! It is amazing to see how much the school has expanded since 2014!

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