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Paying Erin Earth a Visit

2 August 2022

Stage 3 students were brimming over with enthusiasm after their visit to Erin Earth this week. Their knowledge of compost (the animals that help make it, how long it needs to mature), the needs of native plants (the importance of the right amounts of light, shade and water) and how the Wiradjuri people lived and cared for our local environment were just a sample of the information imparted and digested by our young environmentalists and gardeners.

"Australia is ringed by one big garden - all the greenery is around the edge." said Archie.

"Compost takes 6 months to mature." Katherine.

"The position of garden beds is important so the plants get good sunlight. Nets are used in winter to stop Cabbage Moths and in summer to stop scorching by the sun." Archie.

"Little animals live in the soil which help with nutrients and breaking down compost. Some examples include: worms, mill worms, centipedes and ants." Charlotte.

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