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Peer Support Across the Schools

Term 3, 2022

The Peer Support program has commenced with much enthusiasm and excitement for students from Kindergarten to Year 6! The College’s Year 6 students have been working hard with their teachers Miss Wheeler, Mrs Heath and Mrs Alison Owers to develop their leadership skills to lead small groups of children of all ages. This year, students are working through a program on resilience, learning about what resilience looks like and how to apply it in everyday scenarios. Our Year 5 students are learning about leadership and responsibility from their Year 6 leaders, as they look forward to taking on the responsibility next year.

Read some of the highlights from our Year 5 and 6 students:

Alex from 6W: It was great that the students in my group were listening to my instructions.

Charlee from 6H: My group was communicating and cooperating well together.

Amelia from 6W: I loved seeing my group cooperating well as they were participating in the activities.

Hannah from 6H: I enjoyed seeing the students using teamwork to solve the games and puzzles together.

Alexandra from 6H: I liked getting to know my group. I got comfortable with leading my group, and by the end of the session I felt more confident.

Tim from 5S: I got to meet more students from Kindergarten to Year 6!

David from 5S: I liked how my leader was really nice to all of us by organising fun games for us to play to get to know each other.

Juliana from 5C: I enjoyed a fun activity where we unscrambled words to make an encouraging message. Our message was: Let’s work together as a group and have a positive attitude.

Adelaide from 5C: In our group, we learnt each other’s names by sharing our name and an animal starting with the same letter as our name. I was ‘Adelaide Ant’!

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