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Rich and Demanding Music

Monday 6 June, 2022

A musically rich and technically demanding concert held at the Uranquinty Community Hall was enjoyed by students last Thursday. Jacqueline Smith, who works in many of the College Music programs, featured the viola in a variety of styles, allowing the instrument's beautiful tone to be appreciated by all. Jacqueline was joined by past student, Rhiannon Xeros (violin), Harold Gretton (classical guitar), Carmel Ryan (piano) and Larissa Burak (voice/bandura).

Let's hear from the students in the audience:

Katherine - "I loved the music where it was really fast and then really slow."

Elaina – "Fun melodies!"

Rachael – "Fun, cheerful and high end!"

Mia – "I loved when the music got intense."

Aaliyah – "It was very inspiring and made me want to practice my violin more."

Claire – "I loved everything – especially in the second Ukrainian melody – the music made me want to get up and dance!"

Olivia – "I liked the first and the second one because they were very fun."

Hannah – "It was very inspiring to see the talent displayed by the performers, and to see the viola brought to life in a new light."

Rosa – "The diverse collection of pieces from around the world featuring the viola was a delightful change of scenery."

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