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Science week with 2s

Week 5 term 3 2022

If we stop for a moment and consider the world around us it is hard not to be intrigued and astounded by the complexity and creativity of its design. This week is Science Week and our students have had the wonderful opportunity to explore the ever-expanding Astronomy and Science Education Centre (ASEC) filled with interactive activities to help us all understand the world of light. Students from Kindergarten to Year 7 have participated in light-based experiments, done hands-on activities which demonstrated the properties of light, discovered sunspots and flares through the telescope in the Astro Dome and learnt about the newest developments in astronomy including the James Webb telescope which can take pictures of galaxies and nebulas 100,000 of light years away.

“It was the best Science lesson ever,” said Year 7 student, Abigail. Thank you, Dr Sewell and Mrs Duggan, and a special thank you to Mr Bradley Ghavalas, Class of 2021, who came back to the College to help with Science Week – a great experience for a burgeoning Science teacher!

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