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STar Gazing is awe inspiring

Term 1 2023

Last Thursday night, the 'A-Team' gathered at the ASEC Centre for a night of star gazing. The enthusiasm of the students transended the cleaning of the Astro Dome which was the first job on the list for the evening. Once the dome was shining the students had the opportunity to explore the sun, and a bit later, after some pizza, the stars and moon. Keen photographers in the group captured some excellent shots and are eager for more. "The enthusiasm of the students is infectious," said Dr John Sewell, Head of Science, "they are on a steep learning curve but they are keen to learn more. It is great that students from 7 - 10 get to work and learn together." A big thank you to Dr John Sewell and Ms Marjanna Duggan for hosting the evening and nurturing the interest and the fascination the students have in God's creation.



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