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State Cross Country

Friday 27 May 2022

16 Primary students and 21 Secondary students competed at CSSA State Cross Country. We were blessed with a perfect day for running with a light breeze and the sun shining. The same conditions were not true of the track however. Due to the heavy rain in the lead up to the day the track was extremely heavy, wet and mud pits everywhere, that quite literally ripped the shoes off the competitors’ feet.

Parents and teachers who attended could not sing the praises of our students enough. Not only did our students exemplify sportsmanship, encouragement, and positive behaviour (as always), our students also achieved our best team performance ever.

In the table you will see some stand out performances by some very dedicated students. The top 10 students in each age group progress through to CIS (Combined Independent Schools) State next Wednesday with 11th and 12th as reserves. Although it is wonderful to celebrate these high achievements, we also want to acknowledge some outstanding improvements of others, that simply listing places cannot do. We had 18 students run in the top 40 of their age, which is incredible as many races had in excess of 180 competitors. Many students who have been to State before had the goal of improving upon previous years positions, and they did this. And still, for many students this was the first time they had the opportunity to attend a State sporting carnival and had the experience of a lifetime.

We thank God for the safety we had whilst travelling and competing. We thank God for the talents he has given each of us. And we acknowledge and cheer on those who have dedicated hours, weeks, months and years of training to put this talent to use.

Congratulations to all those who competed. Thank you to all the parents who have sacrificed time, money and resources to give children these opportunities. And thank you to the teachers who travelled away to support our students.

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