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Study of the Sun

February 2022

Year 12 student, Shaun Bryder, is the first member of the Wagga Wagga Christian College community to use the Astronomy & Science Education Centre (ASEC) for a major HSC research project.

Shaun has just commenced an 8 week observational study of the Sun, where he will observe solar prominences and flares, sunspot activity and solar filaments. In his initial two hour session on Wednesday 16th February, Shaun had to obtain his license to use the astrodome, learn to focus on the Sun and to take some initial photographs. His first photographs are shown below.

The second project that Shaun is undertaking is to analyse the spectra of many stars and to use his knowledge of the spectra to determine the properties of the observed stars, including their class, temperature, velocity of recession from earth and the gases in their atmospheres. This is a major task that will equip Shaun for future areas of research in which he may be interested.



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