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17 May 2022

Representing our State at the REA Foundation SUBS in Schools Technology Challenge is massive!! A big congratulations to the team of four Senior Students, Amy, Sarah, Ellie and Jake, for their efforts over 1 1/2 years designing, creating, modifying and marketing a ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle - or submarine!). Developing skills in CAD and CAM, new technology, working collaboratively in a team and with external mentors and sponsors, these students have matured and expanded their skill base beyond what even they thought was possible.

Great thanks goes to their sponsors who have provided support not only financially but with their own skill sets that have guided the team through this project: GPG Architecture, Mark Golden and Associates, Cadell Place, Mike Humphries Training Group, ICG Constructions, Hibbard Electrics, Morgan Street Dental Centre and Novus Glass,

The presentations, testing and judging continues through this week in Melbourne and on Friday afternoon the judging will be streamed live. Keep an eye on our socials for a link so you can be part of the action. Explore the Kraken Website there is lots to see!

Get to know the SUBS team in the first of three short videos:

What impact has the competition had on the student's abilities, confidence and communication skills?

Find out here:

What are the benefits of being part of a stem team like subs?

Find out in the short video below . . .


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