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To the Moon and Back

Term 3, 2022

Science lessons in Year 3 open the door for exploration and discovery. As Class 3T investigated the solar system and the seasons they expressed an interest to find out more about the Moon.

In small groups the class tackled some research areas seeking information about space shuttles, characteristics of the Moon and past Moon landings.

The enthusiasm of the students was such that they were very keen to share their new found knowledge with their classmates and no doubt their families.

"The Moon is like a shield, it protects the earth from meteorites." stated Amos, "There are scientists in Florida who are researching which plants can grow on the Moon by using rock samples collected on the shuttle missions. They are mimicking the environment of the moon to ensure the conditions are right."

Layla and her fellow students investigated the 1969 Moon landing, "Neil Armstrong, Edward Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins arrived at night and Armstrong went out for a walk finding rocks."

Anastasia's group discovered an interesting fact about the flag on the moon left by the first astronauts, "If you leave a flag on the Moon it will turn white because of the radiation. The Moon is also geologically dead."

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