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Tournament of the Minds

28 August 2022

Two teams of WWCC Primary and Scondary School students worked hard through lunchtimes, after school and on weekends in preparation for the Tournament of the Minds Competition held on the weekend. Solving a STEM challenge based around the Gold Rush, teams of students developed skits, created backdrops, and used technology to solve problems ready to present to the judging panel. This competition is student-led and initiated and teaches students to work together, listen and problem solve. One of the most challenging parts of the competition is the spontaneous one-minute presentation that students are given on competition day! Quick thinking and clear communication are essential for success.

The students were very enthusiastic about their experiences at the competition, clearly annunciating and explaining their adventure to the Secondary assembly on Monday.

Hamish described the improvisation the group completed: "The spontaneous challenge centred around three items that could grow on trees. Students had to highlight the connection between the three items and how they could be useful in the future."

For Claire, the highlights of the competition was the play because it was fun, for Katherine the creation of the set and the cardboard costume were the high point.

"An important part of the competition was team work," said Mrs Emily Cunningham, Secondary School Teacher, "the Year 7 & 8 team had to do some quick thinking at one point to solve the problem of flat batteries in the mechanism they had created to carry the 300kg gold nugget. They did it!"

A massive thank you to the teachers who supported the teams through their preparation and the event - Mrs Alesha Alcorn, Miss Brooke Scriven, Miss Kimberley Scriven and Mrs Emily Cunningham.

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