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visiting artist

Term 1 2023

A couple of weeks ago, Visual Arts students had the pleasure of learning painting techniques from local artist Leigh Hewitt. Leigh shared his knowledge, skills and story with students and inspired them, particularly in the area of portraiture. Leigh stated, “The process of painting is problem-solving”. He went on to explain the significance of portraiture and the skill required to create the likeness and spirit of a character. We are designed to see faces and lock with the eyes of another, therefore we have a special connection with portraiture. Students discovered more about colour theory and composition. Leigh reminded students that art helps us to slow down, we are always consuming and it’s important to contribute to the world too.

This was an invaluable experience for our students as they interacted with our local art talent. Year 12 art student Skylah Rankin stated: “I love Leigh’s style as a painter - it’s so unique and a beautiful experience to view his work.”

Mrs Martinez shared, “we are really exploring our local art community this year. It’s so important to show students what is possible and what can be achieved if we are brave enough to showcase our work. Our students have important things to say and they know art can change the world through impacting audiences, self-expression & social activism. There’s so much to learn from our local artists - we have already had two visiting artists this year and we have local art excursions planned with The Curious Rabbit and Wagga Art Gallery. We are also encouraging students to enter local art competitions to network with other artists and share their talent and important stories.



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