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Wheelchair Sports

Monday 5 September, 2022

Stage 3 students had a blast learning about wheelchair sports! Brendon from NSW/ACT Wheelchair Sports Association visited the College on Monday, 5th September to talk to students about the importance of safety and sharing how he has travelled nationally and internationally for wheelchair sports. After learning about some rule variations in wheelchair sports, students identified the different features of sports wheelchairs. All students enjoyed a turn at playing wheelchair basketball, with many goals made!

We were delighted that Mr Michael Godfrey-Roberts and Mrs Agnes Godfrey-Roberts, grandparents of Year 5 student Mackenzie Wilcox, also attended the workshops. Michael has been a champion of wheelchair sports in Australia for many decades, first as a nurse in a spinal ward, and later as the President of the NSW Wheelchair Sports Association, Chairman of Spinal Cord Injuries Australia and was the Chief De Mission of many Paralympic games. He has been awarded an Australia Sports Medial and an Order of Australia for his work with disabled athletes. We were fascinated to learn that Michael had encouraged Brendon to play wheelchair sports at a young age.

The College thanks Brendon, Michael and Agnes for sharing their passion for wheelchair sports with College students. The students look forward to many more opportunities to play wheelchair sports through the NSW/ACT Wheelchair Sports Association!

Here are some quotes from Stage 3 students:

Zara – I loved having a spin on the wheelchairs! I did a 360 on it and scored a goal playing wheelchair basketball!

Halle – We considered everyday activities from the perspective of a person in a wheelchair. It opened our eyes to how things can be inaccessible to wheelchairs. It was fun to play basketball using wheelchairs.

Skye – I liked trying wheelchair basketball – my arms got so sore, but my legs were fine!

Mia M – It was fun having wheelchair races!

Yoyo – I enjoyed trying out a sports wheelchair – I’d never been in one before.

David – It was hard using a wheelchair – it can take longer to get places. You need to bounce or pass the ball after two movements on the wheelchair.

Zan – I think it’s very challenging to play wheelchair basketball because I’ve never experienced how to sit down and shoot a hoop.

Tresor – For beginners, it can be hard to control the wheelchair, but we got the hang of it pretty quickly!

The Year 9/10 PASS Class, who are currently studying modified sports, were extremely enthusiastic as they broke into two teams and challenged their opponents to a game.

"In class we have been looking at the origin and modifications necessary for many modified sports. Basketball is one popular team sport, but there is also rugby and athletics. Many athletes use prosthetic legs also. Giving wheelchair basketball a go has been great fun. Turning is tricky and pushing off for a basket requires lots of upper body strength as you can't rely on your legs like you can in the game I normally play.." said Bailey, Year 9, PASS student and Wagga Heat player.

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