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work studies explore the mobility industry

Term 1 2023

Last Thursday, our Year 11 Work Studies class visited Founder and Managing Director, Michael Standley at Open Mobility and were given valuable insight into the mobility industry. Michael showed the students through their new store on Pearson Street which is also a showroom, headquarters and distribution centre for their other showrooms across regional NSW. The students were taught what goes into mobility work from meeting the customer with their Occupational Therapist right through to the mechanic workshop. Students also learnt the importance of business goals and setting achievable and sometimes ambitious targets through tangible action plans where there is accountability and a timeframe. Michael spoke about employment opportunities in the industry and the high demand for Occupational Therapists who are such an integral part of the NDIS system which feeds into the core business of Open Mobility.

“Michael Standley was an outstanding host and treated our students to an insightful and invaluable morning at Open Mobility. The business is an excellent example of an enterprise that has grown over the years to service much of NSW, in an area that is so beneficial to its customers, one that is aimed at improving quality of life through increased mobility and care.”

- Mr Forbes-taber, Work Studies teacher.

"I liked Michael’s quote about 'Plan out what you are going to do and no matter what happens, keep going.'"- Zac Graham

"They changed the brand from Riverina Scooters to Open Mobility because it branched out from the Riverina to places like Goulburn and Canberra as well as other places outside the Riverina."

- Aerwyn Bruce-Goodlet

“An eye-opener to an industry I hadn’t really thought about, and how a small business can grow and evolve to something quite substantial through clear goals and lots of hard work!”

- Rebekah Hector



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