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Wriggling Worms in Kindergarten

31 March 2022

KP were digging for treasure in their veggie garden last week. Not gold but worms to start a worm farm!

After expressing an interest in finding out more about worms when they were planting out their veggie patch, Kindergarten spent time investigating what kind of home worms were most comfortable with, they were then ready to create the worm farm - a repeating pattern of sand and dirt.

Then the hunt began. First the students removed the wilting sunflower plants - that certainly took muscles as the roots were holding on tight. Then Kindy cleaned up any weeds from the garden beds and the search for worms began in earnest.

It took some persistence to find the first wriggly creature but suddenly there was a tidal wave of worms relocating to the worm farm the students had prepared.

In class, research had taught Kindy some interesting facts about worms:

"Worms are good for the plants. Their poo makes the garden grow." Sophia

"Worms like to dig holes." Marcus

"Worms like dirt." Spencer

Their next area of investigation will be around worm food as they care for the 'slimy' creatures.

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