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Year 11 at Mock Orange

9 June 2022

Students enjoyed breakfast with the amazing Ros Mitchell, CEO of the local cafe Mock Orange. Ros spoke from a place of invaluable experience and diversity in her own career. She talked about the importance of having confidence to break through the “imposter syndrome or barrier” that all people in a job can feel at times, no matter what their role or occupation. She encouraged students that feeling like you are inadequate or unskilled enough to do something is actually an opportunity to embrace a challenge with confidence knowing that we all are in the same boat.

Ros also spoke about her staff, and how passionate she is about encouraging, nurturing and growing young staff. She introduced the students to Eden and Genevieve, two inspiring staff members with amazing career journeys so far. Genevieve is currently studying two degrees, working 3 jobs, has bought her own home and runs her own business. Ros calls Gen her “Polyfilla” because she can fill any role and do any task at the café. Ros clearly is more interested in the development of people (her staff) than she is about profits. Eden on the other hand, is now the supervisor of staff, after starting at the café as a junior several years ago. She is also studying to enter the world of Mental Health and Community Services – something that Ros has been supporting her in.

Ros spoke of an INTERNSHIP initiative she has started at the café, where a young Year 11 student who works weekends at the café has been able to become an intern and come and work for her one day per week during the school week, and learn the business services side of the café. The intern has been shadowing her in the way she manages staff, handles paperwork, ordering resources and all aspects of running the café. She said this helps young people to develop skills while also working and deciding on different options.

Ros also spoke of her fundamental vision for establishing Mock Orange – it was during her own cancer treatment, and she had a revelation that she wanted to set up a café where community was looked after, in particular, where people undergoing treatment were able to have free food and drink and a place to be accepted and welcomed.

Student Reflections


I really enjoyed going to Mock Orange and listening to Ros Mitchel. I liked how Ros was so passionate about her work and her workers, and is so interested in their outside life and is willing to always help them.


The visit to Mock Orange was an exciting look into business side of running a café. Ros Mitchel, the owner of Mock Orange, gave us some very helpful tips about school life and business tips. She also explained about how her business works and her journey to getting to where she is now. Ros also gave us some amazing advice about getting out into the world and exploring the world. It was exciting to see the development of a business and see the journey of an amazing woman.


Roslyn Mitchell is a very engaging boss who explained her story of mixing family with business, all of the jobs she’s done through her career and how she got to where she is now. Mock Orange is a café with a difference which sets it apart from other cafes. It was interesting to look at another way of doing business.

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