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Year 11's afternoon of activities

Year 11 enjoyed an activities afternoon that included games of Ten Pin Bowling and general fun/sports at the Botanic Gardens last Monday. Students enjoyed a Pizza lunch, Ice-cold soft drinks and even ate personalised cupcakes made by the “generous four” of Indiah Pendrick, Karyl Beralde, Sarah Bowden and Sarah Dutton.

Students did not stop smiling the whole day and just had so much fun, particularly trying to beat Mr Forbes-Taber at bowling and gridiron! The Ten Pin Bowling was very competitive in some aspects, and hilarious in others, and overall everyone enjoyed themselves and improved their scores in their second game. At the Gardens, students played Gridiron, Soccer, Frisbee and AFL, and made the most of the playground equipment. Everyone enjoyed hanging out and enjoying a beautiful summer’s day.

Mrs Everingham was also seen enjoying AFL and Soccer with the students way too much, she was very proud of the way students conducted themselves and encouraged each other throughout the activities.

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