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Year 12 art visits mates Gully

Term 2, 2023

Last week, our art students embarked on an excursion that transformed a local eatery, Mates Gully, into a lively art classroom, celebrating the works of renowned local artist, Paul Nolte. The restaurant, a popular community hub, is adorned with Paul’s artworks, turning it into a gallery of sorts. Known for his creative imagery and beautiful use of colour and shape, Paul’s art provided an immersive learning experience for our budding artists. As he stated, “Everything we do here is creative”, and this is clearly seen in the artistic tapestry of Mates Gully, from growing their own food (farm to fork) to providing an inclusive space where creatives are welcomed and encouraged to gather and inspire.

Paul’s passion for expressing the human condition through his art resonated with the students. The exploration of his technique and conceptual strength sparked lively discussions on interpretation and creativity, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between art and life. As student Annabelle explained, “The more you look into his work, the more you discover”. This was echoed by discussions of the process of artmaking and how it is based on mathematical principles such as pattern, balance and problem-solving.

This visit underscored the importance of local art appreciation and revealed the potential of particular spaces as sources of artistic inspiration. Encouraging these off-site learning experiences, we aim to broaden our students' understanding of art beyond textbooks, stimulating their creativity and instilling in them a lifelong appreciation for the arts.

Thank you, Paul Nolte and the amazing team at Mates Gully for your many contributions to our community.



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