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Year 4 head to Dubbo

week 1 term 4 2022

Dubbo excursion! After almost a year of waiting, this much-anticipated excursion was finally here! They all woke up very early, even before the birds woke up. With bags packed weeks ahead, they all gathered in front of the MPC, excitedly chattering away like magpies. Some of their minds raced a mile a minute, anxiously thinking of what was ahead in the next three days while others were jumping up and down with excitement like harlequins, eagerly getting ready to have the time of their lives.

After the initial push to be the first on the bus, they all settled down. All of the children happily said their final goodbyes or ‘see you later’ to their loving and some worried parents. Forty-five students were ‘loaded’ into the bus plus the teachers.

The first stop was at McFeeters Motor Museum which delighted car enthusiasts like Fraser and Jack. Next, they went to the Parkes Observatory. As they approached the Observatory, they could see ‘The Dish’ which got every one of them really excited. There were so many ‘oohs’ and ‘wows’ as they were fully engrossed in the 3D theatre with its impressive animations. The scavenger hunt was informative but they wish we had better rewards. Maybe some souvenirs for the first five children?

Visiting the old Dundullimal homestead took the students back to over 100 years of early colonial life. They had a ‘taste’ of how tough schooling was back then as they got to ‘re-live’ them in a mock-up classroom at the pastoral station. Poor Tobi got ‘caned’ for being a ‘naughty student’.

While at the Old Dubbo Gaol, the students were able to relate to much of what they had learnt in History about the convicts from the First Fleet. They couldn’t believe that people could be thrown into the jails for minor misdemeanours like vagrancy and drunkenness. Even children as young as 14 years of age have been imprisoned. Prison conditions today are so much better than during colonial times.

The highlight of the excursion of course had to be the trip to the zoo. The students saw animals that they would otherwise never get to see, such as the black-furred Siamang gibbons. While their howling may be mesmerising to some, the kids thought they were annoying, especially so early in the morning. Did you know that Galapagos tortoises can live up to 150 years? The ones in the zoo were really big and a sight to behold! It was lovely to see God’s creation (meaning the animals) from different parts of the world in one place, the Dubbo zoo.

What child doesn't like McDonald’s? Well, that’s what they had for lunch on the way back home. What a treat!! Although they were tired from the constant walking and travelling from place to place, there never was a dull moment. The students all had a truly great excursion, an experience that they will treasure for always.

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