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Year 5 Draws on Year 7's Expertise!

Term 3, 2022

Learning about Australia’s Archibald Prize competition, students in 5S were inspired to develop their skills in portraiture. Mrs Martinez’s Year 7 students have been coaching 5S to draw well-proportioned faces and use artistic techniques for eyes, noses and lips. Year 5 students have enjoyed the opportunity to receive individual coaching to develop their drawing skills. For Year 7 students, it is an opportunity to apply their learning with Mrs Martinez, taking on a teaching role using knowledge gained in Visual Art lessons. We have been excited to see growth in our Year 5 and 7 students’ artistic knowledge, techniques and friendships through this experience.

Here are some Year 5 reflections:

Rachael – We’ve learnt new skills to sketch faces.

Chelsea – I’ve enjoyed learning how to draw eyes properly.

Mackenzie – I got better at shading and drawing the shape of the nose .

Harry – It was fun shading the nose using the blending tools.

Tresor – I learnt that it is hard to draw lips, but I’m getting better at it.

Adelaide – I got better at drawing and shading the eyes with my Year 7 buddy.

Clare – Eyelashes are hard, but I’m getting better at them.

Mia O – I learnt a quicker and easier way to draw a nose.

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