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Year 5 learn how to orienteer

Term 1 2023

Year 5 studied journeys throughout inland Australia in Geography and the expeditions of Burke and Wills, Hume and Hovell, John McDouall Stuart, Ludwig Leichhardt and many others! Year 5 put their navigation skills to the test by learning about orienteering with John and Kath Oliver from the Waggaroos Wagga and Riverina Orienteering Incorporated. Students learnt about how to hold and read maps and symbols, and use the sun to tell the time and for compass directions. They used these skills to complete orienteering courses throughout the school. Year 5 and teachers thank John and Kath for sharing their wealth of knowledge and passion for orienteering!

Phoebe - "I enjoyed following the map to find checkpoints."

Charlie - "We went over the map looking for the checkpoint numbers and at each checkpoint, we used an electronic tool that recorded our time."

Ethan - "I’ve never done orienteering before! I found it very interesting!"

Zamisar - "We had to go around the whole school to different checkpoints. I learnt navigating is a life skill."

Archie - "I learnt about the counter lines in maps and could use them in orienteering. We also learnt how to tell the time using the sun!"

Alex - "I enjoyed the orienteering experience as I learnt to navigate around the school!"

Poppy - "We can’t do orienteering without a map."

Tobi - "I learnt how to read the map and its symbols!"

Sarah - "I learnt that orienteering is not a treasure hunt. You have a map that you use to find checkpoints."

Charlize - "I learnt that orienteering is a sport."

Josiah - "You need to look carefully at a map to find checkpoints rather than from memory."

Judah - "I learnt that there may be many checkpoints, but you only go to the ones on your map."


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