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Year 6 Families out to dinner

29 March 2022

A massive thank you to our Class Parent Representatives. Across the year groups there are morning teas, park meet ups and dinners being organised for mums, dads and families. We hope that you are able to get along and be part of these opportunities to meet the peers of your children and their carers.

Year 6 families had a 'blast' last Friday evening, getting together at a local family friendly restaurant for dinner. Here are a few of the recounts from students from 6H about the event.

Recount by Polly

Last Friday night my mum, Jill Russell, organised a Year 6 dinner at the Palm and Pawn hotel. I designed invitations and handed out to 6H and 6W. I heard lots of kids were excited, my mum also told me lots of people would be attending! At 6:30pm we all showed up and it was a BLAST! Parents talked to other family’s while the kids played in the awesome playground. A group of us played all in tag girls v’s boys. When it was time for our meals, we sat with our friends and ate our delicious dinner then played again. Then the night ended and families started to leave. It was a great night and I can't wait for next term for another fun time.

Recount by Victoria

Last Friday on 25th March, Jill Russell planned dinner at the Palm & Pawn for Year 6 - 6W and 6H. It started at 6:30, everyone was super exited. Around 55 people attended. Most of the kids were playing all in tag, it was boys vs girls. Everyone ordered their dinner and got some drinks, families talked to other families; everyone had a blast.

We had so much fun on Friday night!

Recount by Alex

On Friday Night everyone went to the Palm and Pawn.

Well, not all of the Year 6s could come, but most of them could so everyone played in the playground. I played chess first with Eli. I was winning but then Eli had to go. We played all in tag girls vs boys. On the first round the girls got every boy down but Jed, then Jed got down 1 girl and the boys won thanks to Jed! I brought my little brother in the playground to play because he was bored. He had a lot of fun and so did a lot of the other Year 6s. Mrs Heath talked to some of the parents to say hi, and about how there son or daughter was going in school. My Mum and my Dad got to talk with Ollie's Mum and Dad they had lots of fun. Sadly Charlotte O, Sienna and some other people couldn’t come which was sad but everyone had a great time!

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